Tips for Writing a Nomination Form

A good nomination form is key to communicating a candidate/business qualification to the judging panel. Consider these important points when completing a nomination form:

It’s about you!

This is an opportunity for you to rave about a business or candidate receiving well-deserved recognition for the many accomplishments. The judges want to hear about both individual accomplishments as well as the successes of the company. Bragging is encouraged. This is not the time to be humble.

Be Concise

Stay within the word count limit, as the judging panel has limited time to review a large number of applicants. That being said, DO NOT assume the judging panel knows the details of your business/candidate.

Demonstrate Results

Make sure your achievements are measurable.

Compare Yourself to the Industry

Not all judges will be experts in your field, so make sure they know how you stack up to the competition and how you differentiate yourself in the market. Tell your story as if you were talking to a stranger.

Be Persuasive

This is your opportunity to convince the judges why the business or candidate should be a finalist and ultimately an award recipient. Be authentic!

Polish & Edit

Improper grammar and misspelled words distract from the quality of the nomination, so make sure to proof your work. Spell out any acronyms and avoid company jargon.

Check the Award Criteria

Ensure your business or candidate fits the awards criteria and you have provided all required documents.