President’s Message – January 2022

Happy New Year! 

Looking back on the year that was and the one to come, I am filled with both pride and optimism.  The leaders of this great city have faced not only the regular challenges that come with operating a business, but also so much more.  I tip my hat to you.  Your continued dedication not only to your business but to your staff and the community at large is nothing short of amazing.

On recap of 2021, the Weyburn Chamber has experienced change with a new Executive Director, Larry Heggs.  The Chamber has resumed live events and started distributing Covid rapid test kits, to name a few.  The Weyburn Chamber of Commerce also embarked on the largest campaign in its history, Meet Weyburn.  This campaign showcased several of our local businesses.  It was designed to both educate and excite people on what an outstanding local business community we have and why it is so vital that we support local. 

Looking toward 2022, the Chamber of Commerce will continue to maintain lines of communication with all levels of government.  We will advocate for our businesses at these tables to help move our members forward.  The Chamber will continue to host business education events, along with general networking events like the golf tournament, parades, seminars and celebrations.  The Chamber will host its annual general meeting on March 30th, which is always a great event to wrap up the year and look forward.  This year at the AGM, we will swear in a new President, Stephen Schuck.

As my tenure as President of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce concludes, I would like to express my utmost gratitude for allowing me to be your President.  The Weyburn Chamber of Commerce is not only a group of individuals that strive to strengthen and support local business, but a network of business professionals that have led this community and will continue to lead this great city into the future.  For this, I say, thank you.

As your Chamber, we are always here to strengthen our business community. Should you require any assistance, please feel free to stop by the office at #11 3rd St. Weyburn or call us at 306.842.4738.

President’s Message – December 2021

As we wind down 2021 and reflect on strides made from 2020, there is still much that lies ahead for our business community on the way to complete recovery from these last few years. I am, and remain, confident that this business community is up to the challenge.

The resilience, dedication, and downright passion you have for your business and the city of Weyburn is nothing short of amazing. The future is bright as we move forward and build momentum into 2022.

In mid-November, I had the pleasure of drawing the name for the first ever Chamber Bucks promotion of the Meet Weyburn campaign. The winner of $1,000 Chamber Bucks to shop at local Chamber members during the Christmas season was Donna Kopec.  The Meet Weyburn campaign focused on local spending and its effects on the local economy through awareness, education, and contests.

November is always busy at the Chamber hosting events and preparing for the New Year.

Coffee with the Chamber this month was presented by Weyburn’s City Police Chief Jamie Blunden.  Chief Blunden discussed both new and ongoing strategies. These include implementation of a new drug strategy, along with enhancing visibility and a traffic safety for the community.  Plans to build a healthier organization include enhanced safety, professionalism, and enhanced financial health for WPS.  The Chief also explained that they would receive a service dog in February, assisting primarily with drug searches. The Weyburn Police Service will also work toward improved transparency and accountability with the community.  Chief Blunden discussed a service the WPS offers to local businesses where they will come out and survey your location to both assess and help reduce the risk of break & enter or damage.  Once again, thanks to Chief Blunden for his time and commitment to the City.  

The Weyburn Chamber held its annual light parade on December 2nd. This year’s winners in their respective categories are Souris Valley Industries and Weyburn Skating Club. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants and attendees for coming out.

The hard work and incredible ideas continue to amaze me.  The continued support of events like these only reinforces what I already know; this astonishing business community cares as much about the community as they do about their very own business.  Thanks again for brightening everyone’s Christmas season.

On behalf of the board and staff of The Weyburn Chamber of Commerce, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperity in the New Year.

As your Chamber, we are always here to strengthen our business community. Should you require any assistance, please feel free to stop by the office at #11 3rd St. Weyburn or call us at 306.842.4738.

President’s Message – November 2021

Last month our community gave us so much for which to be thankful. Not only Thanksgiving, but events like Communithon, an event held annually that once again shows not only the generosity of our business community, but our city as a whole.  

The Chamber celebrated small business week in Canada from October 18 – 22nd. This week is set aside annually to not only focus on what small business means to our economy but also a simple opportunity to say thank you for your hard work and dedication to the area. During the week we held a Handshake and Hashbrown Breakfast for our members with our partners from Community Futures Sunrise. As a group, we were led through the Go Digital Sask campaign. 

Go Digital Sask is an opportunity to take your business to the next level with various levels of marketing strategies; whether you need a website, shopping platform, logo design or social media assistance there is no cost for you to sign up. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest reaching out to the great folks at Community Futures Sunrise. 

Early in November, the Weyburn Chamber and its supporters from the business sector recognized agriculture and what it means to the local and global economies. Agriculture Appreciation Night was a huge success, a great night to network, develop relationships, and honor Brad and Roslyn Eggum as the Golden Sheaf winners for 2021. Congratulations to Holloway Ag Corp for their dedication to the agriculture industry.

This month the Saskatchewan Government released its Throne Speech. In the speech, the Government encouraged new investment in Saskatchewan. Items included the Value-Added Agriculture Incentive, 60 new police positions, among many other announcements. All are designed to make Saskatchewan a better place to live and do business. The Saskatchewan Government has also opened submissions for a review of The Workers Compensation Act. They are reviewing:

  • The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013 Act)
  • The workers’ Compensation General Regulations, 1985
  • The Workers’ Compensation Exclusion Regulations, 2014
  • The administration of the Act and regulations

As business leaders, you are able to make suggestions to the committee between November 1, 2021, and December 15, 2021, at  The Saskatchewan Government has also initiated training seminars around payroll requirements, layoff and termination, overtime, overtime banks, and vacation entitlements. If you are interested in either of these two programs or have questions, please feel free to reach out to the Weyburn Chamber office.

The Chamber has been working hard on the modernization of property taxes. This initiative is in conjunction with Chambers from around the province. There have been talks with SAMA, SUMA, and the province in changing to a more equitable two-year cycle. Although this has been a many-year battle with the province, we continue to advocate for business on tax reform.

As your Chamber, we are always here to strengthen our business community. Should you require any assistance, please feel free to stop by the office at #11 3rd St. Weyburn or call us at 306.842.4738.

President’s Message – October 2021

As I look back at September and towards Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for our robust business community. The backbone of the economy is our hard-working individuals who are so generous to local charities and events.  Without the caring support of these businesses, rural Saskatchewan would not be would not be the place we all enjoy.  So, for this, I say thank you!

The Chamber would like to congratulate Dr. Robert Kitchen on his re-election in the Souris-Moose Mountain constituency.  We look forward to continuing our work with him.  Post Federal election, your Chamber will continue to work toward the needs of membership in our focus on government. 

This last month the Chamber hosted a variety of events including an All-Candidates Forum prior to the Federal election, and a Coffee with the Chamber that featured the Regina Airport Authority.  The presentation the Airport Authority gave was very informative. Some of the topics they discussed were the successful securement of the air traffic tower and what it means to the airport.  We looked at the current renovations to the airport to serve travelers better.  Direction around how flying currently is and what it will look like in the future—the steps on leaving and re-entering Canada with current Covid restrictions. Our next Coffee with the Chamber will be held in November. Coming up in October during Small Business Week (October 18 – 22) we will sit down for breakfast with Community Futures Sunrise and learn about their Go Digital Sask campaign, and all the great ways they help our small businesses grow.

The Chamber is in full swing with its shop local campaign, “Meet Weyburn”.  It has included multiple videos and advertising in the area regarding what shop local means to the economy.  As a Chamber, we are working on an education component to the public, emphasizing that even small purchases make a huge impact.  The videos that have already been released have reached over 27,000 people to date.  The final step that will take us into December is “Chamber bucks”. This allows one lucky winner $1,000 in Chamber bucks to spend at participating businesses, and the Chamber redeems the Chamber dollars to the retailer.  We hope, as a Chamber, this will not only create a buzz around the area but will also aid in Christmas shopping locally.  To be part of the Chamber Buck campaign, please reach out to our office. It’s not too late to join.

The Chamber is once again excited to host Agriculture Appreciation Night in November. We look forward to honoring someone from our incredible agricultural community.  The opportunity for fellowship and entertainment within the ag sector is always a great event. 

As your Chamber, we are always here to strengthen our business community. Should you require any assistance, please feel free to stop by the office at #11 3rd St. Weyburn or call us at 306.842.4738.

President’s Message: August 2021

As I reflect on the month that was, I can’t help but feel encouraged by our great community and the exceptional businesses in and around Weyburn. Businesses such as Mryglod Steel and Metals donating back to community charities through their steel recycling bins, and Jerry Mainil Ltd celebrating 60 years in business. Pause for a minute and consider the economic spinoff that these and so many other companies have contributed to our local economy.  The decades of employment, taxes and general purchases within the community have supported many families, stimulated many other businesses, and filled a need within their industry.  All businesses within Weyburn play a critical role in the financial well-being of our community.  Hats off to all local businesses that drive our economy.

Once again, we are heading into a federal election on September 20th.  As a business community, the impact of government can be far-reaching. From a Chamber perspective, we will ensure candidates are aware of the need for a strong recovery coming out of Covid-19.  We will also continue to lobby for a smaller, more transparent government as well as pushing for a fair and equitable transfer system.  The need to sustain an energy sector while working towards greening the energy sector will not be overlooked by the Chamber.  The Weyburn Chamber of Commerce will be holding our all-candidates’ debate on September 9th. Please follow and watch our social media for details surrounding this event.  Above all, make sure you get out and exercise your right to vote.

In July and August, the Chamber has been working on its new campaign to support local business by promoting various business sectors in the community through videos and other promotional marketing.

Along with video and other media, there will also be impactful information regarding what it means financially to buy local. 

Just last week, we hosted our annual Link on the Links golf tournament. These events are just another way the Chamber offers a networking opportunity, not to mention great fun.  Thank you for the support from all teams and our fantastic sponsors.  Our August Coffee with the Chamber we had the great opportunity to bring Envision Counselling to discuss with our members mental health in the workplace. Next month the Regina Airport Authority will be here to discuss what travel looks like post Covid.

As your Chamber, we are always here to strengthen our business community. Should you require any assistance, please feel free to stop by the office at #11 3rd St. Weyburn, or call us at 306.842.4738.

Reed Anderson
President, Weyburn Chamber of Commerce