Meet Weyburn

Real People, Unique Places, Endless Opportunities

Our BIGGEST campaign yet to connect local businesses with our community. We invite you to experience Weyburn like you never have before.

Real People

Our mission is to educate consumers about the many economic and social advantages that independent and local businesses bring to a community!

Unique Places

We’re on a mission to make local shopping easy and exciting, to re-introduce that Weyburn has to offer in terms of industry, retail and overall lifestyle.

Endless Opportunities

We want to create a thriving local economy by maximizing the potential of local businesses, increasing their market share relative to non-locally owned business while empowering the community.

May We Suggest…

Why Shop Local?

Every $100 spent locally, creates an additional $37 in local economic activity.

GDP Growth

Weyburn’s GDP could increase by $31 Million and gross economic activity by $54 Million.

Stronger Community

When buying locally, $37 goes back into the community compared to $14 for multinational firms. That is 2.7 times higher!

Job Growth

A 10% increase in local spending could add 278 jobs and increase labour income by $12 Million