President’s Message – January 2022

Happy New Year! 

Looking back on the year that was and the one to come, I am filled with both pride and optimism.  The leaders of this great city have faced not only the regular challenges that come with operating a business, but also so much more.  I tip my hat to you.  Your continued dedication not only to your business but to your staff and the community at large is nothing short of amazing.

On recap of 2021, the Weyburn Chamber has experienced change with a new Executive Director, Larry Heggs.  The Chamber has resumed live events and started distributing Covid rapid test kits, to name a few.  The Weyburn Chamber of Commerce also embarked on the largest campaign in its history, Meet Weyburn.  This campaign showcased several of our local businesses.  It was designed to both educate and excite people on what an outstanding local business community we have and why it is so vital that we support local. 

Looking toward 2022, the Chamber of Commerce will continue to maintain lines of communication with all levels of government.  We will advocate for our businesses at these tables to help move our members forward.  The Chamber will continue to host business education events, along with general networking events like the golf tournament, parades, seminars and celebrations.  The Chamber will host its annual general meeting on March 30th, which is always a great event to wrap up the year and look forward.  This year at the AGM, we will swear in a new President, Stephen Schuck.

As my tenure as President of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce concludes, I would like to express my utmost gratitude for allowing me to be your President.  The Weyburn Chamber of Commerce is not only a group of individuals that strive to strengthen and support local business, but a network of business professionals that have led this community and will continue to lead this great city into the future.  For this, I say, thank you.

As your Chamber, we are always here to strengthen our business community. Should you require any assistance, please feel free to stop by the office at #11 3rd St. Weyburn or call us at 306.842.4738.

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