How To Voice Your Opinion on the Proposed Changes to the Taxation of Private Corporations
Wed, Sep. 6, 2017

The federal government is attacking Canada’s business community with major changes to how private corporations are taxed in our country.

Ottawa has taken the position that all income is created equal, without recognizing the important reasons why money earned by a business is inherently different than regular income. These proposed changes will negatively impact tens of thousands of businesses by raising taxes, reducing incentive for private investment, increasing administrative burdens, and making it even more difficult for a business to be transferred from one generation to the next.

Through an elaborate charade, the changes have been presented as a way to fix a “flawed” system. The truth, however, is that the existing system of fair and balanced tax regulations has promoted economic growth throughout all sectors of our economy.

Thanks to the efforts of Chambers of Commerce across the country, plus many other concerned business advocacy groups, Liberal MPs are getting the message that this is an inequitable plan that will certainly impact small businesses negatively.
In the coming days and weeks the Weyburn Chamber will be working alongside our Saskatchewan Chamber counterparts to continue our efforts to stop these changes before they are implemented.
The Weyburn Chamber of Commerce would like to hear from you on this issue. If you have any comments about how these tax changes will negatively impact your business, please send them to us.  This is the feedback that is important to communicate back to our government. 
The Liberal Party of Canada’s rationale for these changes is weak, and it’s getting even weaker with time. Take this time to raise your voice to these proposed changes in taxation. Click on the link on the Chamber Homepage and sign the petition. 

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